December 9, 2023

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10 Key Areas Every Restaurant Owner Must Monitor: A Guide to Effective Video Surveillance

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Explore the key areas every restaurant owner should monitor for enhanced safety and success! This guide highlights the strategic placement of video surveillance cameras. Elevate your security with Envysion, offering tailored solutions to protect your profits, employees, and customers seamlessly. Don’t wait – secure your restaurant’s future now!

10 Key Areas Every Restaurant Owner Must Monitor: A Guide to Effective Video SurveillanceImage provided by Envysion, Inc.

Running a restaurant is like conducting an orchestra where servers hustle around with plates, kitchen staff navigates their workspace, and bussers clear tables. Managing this busy symphony can be overwhelming, especially if you oversee multiple locations. To ensure a watchful eye on all activities, discover the ideal spots for video surveillance cameras in your restaurant. These cameras are crucial tools for keeping an eye on common areas prone to theft, security issues, or incidents leading to insurance, legal, or HR claims.


Why Use Video Surveillance?

Some restaurant owners underestimate the importance of video surveillance, but the reality is starkly different. Shocking statistics reveal that about75% of restaurant theft is committed by employees, resulting in approximately $6 million in losses for US restaurants annually.


Types of Risks to Monitor in Restaurants

Restaurants need to monitor five essential risk categories: customer safety, food safety, employee safety, theft, and security. Among these, safety and security are critical.Video surveillanceprovides a visual record of potential hazards before they become liabilities. Additionally, it helps identify and prevent employee theft, operational inefficiencies, or inappropriate customer interactions.

Let’s take a tour of a quick-service restaurant and explore how strategically placing cameras in specific locations can positively impact your business.


1. The Safe

Dedicate a security camera to the safe to monitor employee interactions and potential security risks. This offers a tool to investigate potential fraud or theft.

Type of Risk: Theft/Fraud


2. The Office

The office is a common blind spot for video surveillance, making it a prime location for assaults and misconduct. Placing a camera here is crucial for addressing misbehavior and avoiding legal risks.

Type of Risks: Theft/Fraud, Employee Safety, Security


3. Bathrooms

Although bathrooms are high-risk areas for slips and falls, owners often avoid placing cameras near them. Consider installing cameras in bathroom hallways, the second most common location for slips and falls.

Type of Risks: Customer Safety, Employee Safety


4. Drink Station

Employee drink stations and areas with water or ice are potential spots for slips and falls. Surveillance here helps in addressing injury concerns and ensuring compliance with spill cleanup procedures.

Type of Risks: Customer Safety, Employee Safety


5. Kitchen

The kitchen, the heart of any restaurant, requires surveillance for a complete visual record. Monitoring this footage ensures adherence to safety and sanitation rules, preventing fines and business failure.

Type of Risks: Food Safety, Employee Safety


6. Back Door

The back door is a significant entry point for robberies and other security threats. Install a dedicated camera to monitor activity and ensure the door is secure.

Type of Risks: Employee Safety, Security


7. The Walk-In Cooler

The walk-in cooler is often overlooked but can host employee misconduct and theft. Surveillance here helps prevent food and employee theft, safeguarding your business.

Type of Risks: Employee Safety, Food Safety, Security, Theft/Fraud


8. Drive-Thru

Capture customer and employee interactions at the drive-thru to enhance customer experience and monitor for potential robberies.

Type of Risks: Employee Safety, Security, Theft/Fraud


9. Employee Line

Surveillance in areas where employees interact with customers helps address complaints and false insurance claims, offering a comprehensive view of exchanges.

Type of Risks: Customer Safety, Employee Safety, Theft/Fraud


10. The Bar

If your restaurant has a bar, it’s a high-risk area. Dedicate at least one camera to monitor customer behavior and prevent employee theft.

Type of Risks: Customer Safety, Employee Safety, Theft/Fraud


Making sure your restaurant stays safe and successful is crucial. By placing video cameras in the ten key areas we’ve talked about, you can keep an eye on important aspects like employee behavior, customer safety, and potential risks. If you want a hassle-free solution tailored for your restaurant,Envysionis here to help. We specialize in managed video solutions designed to fit seamlessly into your daily operations, providing a way to prevent losses and maintain a secure environment. 

Take the next step in securing your restaurant’s future –reach out to Envysion todayfor a friendly chat about how we can help keep your business, profits, employees, and customers safe and sound. Don’t wait – start protecting your restaurant now!


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