November 28, 2023

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Biometric Surveillance Has No Place in New Yorkers’ Homes

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“New York City Council’s new bill banning biometric data collection in residential buildings is a strong step forward to give tenants and their guests more protections from the encroachment of their landlords and from modern surveillance technologies.”

City Limits

“The landlord is trying to install a heat-mapping facial recognition hardware at the entrance of our building,” one tenant of the Atlantic Plaza Towers said to their fellow community members in Brooklyn.

That was in 2018, before they realized that it was going to take months to force the landlord to withdraw the application to install the hardware. Back then, heat-mapping facial recognition technology was still relatively new, and there had been zero legislation regulating the use of the technology.

After years of community-level organizing, the New York City Council finally introduced a bill (Intro. 1024-2023) in April of this year to limit biometric data collection in residential buildings around the city, which includes iris scans, fingerprints, voiceprints, palm prints, facial structure, movement patterns, and other sensitive information. 


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