April 15, 2024

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Cloud Career Moves – the Circus edition

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Ah, the weekend is just on the horizon and guess who’s in town? Hint: Bright lights, dancing zoo animals, ridiculous costumes and loops of high-pitched tunes that put classical music to shame. You guessed it, we’re catching the good ol’ fashioned circus! Grab your best ringmaster hat, Silverliners — it’s time to rally up this week’s featured techies for a night under the Big Top in this week’s edition of Cloud Career Moves — the Circus edition.


Doug Merritt, CEO and President, Aviatrix

Doug Merritt, CEO and President, Aviatrix*
(Doug Merrit, CEO and President, Aviatrix*)

Doug Merritt joined Aviatrix as chief executive officer (CEO), president and chairman of the board. Doug previously was CEO and president of Splunk, where he led significant shifts in the company’s technology and go-to-market approach. We have suspicions Doug played the stuntman double to Hugh Jackman’s character P.T. Barnum in The Greatest Showman.



Adam Geller, CEO, Exabeam

Adam Geller, CEO, Exabeam*
(Adam Geller, CEO, Exabeam*)

Adam Geller has been promoted to chief executive officer (CEO) of Exabeam, a cybersecurity

company. Adam has 25 years of experience in information security and previously served as chief product officer (CPO) where he re-architected its products to be cloud-native. He moonlights as the circus’ horse show leader and is usually caught feeding his charges apples before curtain call.



Lisa Martin, CRO, 8×8

Lisa Martin, CRO, 8X8*
(Lisa Martin, CRO, 8×8*)

Unified communications company and software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider 8×8 named Lisa Martin as chief revenue officer (CRO). Lisa will be responsible for driving revenue growth, overseeing 8×8’s sales strategies and managing the global sales organization. Lisa is a rising star in stilt performance, so you may find her towering ten feet tall in local areas when the big show is in town.



Sameer Katiyar, CFO, Cleo

Sameer Katiyar, CFO, Cleo*
(Sameer Katiyar, CFO, Cleo*)

Sameer Katiyar will serve as chief financial officer (CFO) for Cleo, ecosystem integration software company and

provider of the Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) platform. Sameer will oversee the company’s global finance, accounting and corporate IT functions and has more than 20 years experience in the technology field. Sameer is on makeup duty in Clown Alley again — he’s definitely up to date on all the clown drama, whether he likes it or not. Better than aerial acrobatics!



Ryan Windham, SVP of Business Transformation, Forcepoint

Ryan Windham, SVP of Business Transformation, Forcepoint*
(Ryan Windham, SVP of Business Transformation, Forcepoint*)

Forcepoint, a security and cloud-native platform, announced Ryan Windham as senior vice president of business transformation. In his new role, Ryan will lead the company’s security-as-a-service portfolio transformation to accelerate customer adoption of data-first secure access service edge (SASE). Rumor has run amok through the Big Top that circus-goers are literally spell bound and won’t stop overcrowding the tent — Ryan’s magic tricks really are captivating, huh?


*Ed. Note: Midjourney, an AI art tool, manipulates original headshots so they kind-of-sort-of-maybe look the like real person but in many cases, not really at all.

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