November 28, 2023

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Redefining Vigilance

EU’s quest to fix the internet could become a privacy nightmare

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The European Union is notorious for its commitment to regulate the internet, either for better or worse. The GDPR has been echoed by nations worldwide as the blueprint for protecting citizens’ digital privacy. From August 25, the Digital Market Act and Digital Service Act have introduced new obligations for digital services. At the same time, the Chat Control proposal is gathering a lot of criticism for its attack on encryption in the name of online safety.

Among these highly-debated legislations, one proposal may have flown under the radar: the revision of the EU’s digital identity law (eIDAS). A process started in October 2020 and currently under trialogue negotiations as lawmakers seek to “fix” web security among country members. However, experts warn of unintended consequences like greater surveillance, censorship, and false security instead. 


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