November 28, 2023

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Redefining Vigilance

Hanwha Vision: Creating Smarter Schools with Smart Video Surveillance Solutions

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Schools at all levels, from K-12 to higher education, need intelligent surveillance solutions that combine 24/7 protection with the latest advancements in AI, analytics, and cloud management.   

The right mix of technologies will keep classrooms safe, monitor public spaces, and connect campuses. Built-in analytics can streamline forensic investigations and accurately track the volume of people entering or exiting buildings. Cloud-based platforms are enabling on-premise and remote surveillance capabilities. 

Video surveillance technology has changed dramatically over the last few years with recent breakthroughs in digital imaging surveillance technology including Artificial Intelligence (AI), and multi-channel, multi-directional camera models. Further helping schools rewrite their lesson plan for security and surveillance are new solutions that incorporate on-board audio and video analytics. These analytics deliver actionable data that can drive intelligent monitoring for education facilities, helping administrators get a better handle on access control and monitoring of hallways, classrooms, and exterior parking lots. 

Digital imaging surveillance technology combining AI with on-board audio and video analytics can help school administrators get a better handle on access control and monitoring of hallways, classrooms, and exterior parking lots. For example, knowing which doors visitors can access and exit the building is important when placing cameras. Facial recognition data can also be shared with other educational facilities and some technologies can even identify certain unauthorized visitors prior to them gaining access.   

These advanced video analytics can be used as investigative tools in the event of a security incident and alert security when someone is trying to gain access to the premises. Cameras’ built-in analytics can also be used for people-counting to accurately track the volume of people entering or exiting a building, which helps building administration monitor their population on any given day against their attendance records. 

By using multi-directional camera technology, with one device through one data connection, a school can monitor and record several key areas with unique fields of view for each. Now add the power of analytics to those same cameras monitoring several areas, and you’re able to do people-counting, body temperature detection, object detection, license plate recognition, behavioral observations, and more. 

Having a reliable security camera system on campus gives schools the ability to mitigate risk and be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to security.  It helps them deter any type of criminal activity by being able to track and monitor activity patterns.  

Maintaining a state-of-the art surveillance infrastructure can lead to significant improvement in operational performance with faster response times, enhanced situational awareness, a potential reduction in on-site incidents and more efficient allocation of staff and resources to match the unique needs of each school. 

When properly and effectively deployed, intelligent video surveillance solutions can deliver an optimal combination of coverage and operational insights to help schools make the grade when it comes to security. 

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