November 28, 2023

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Local Heroes: Genesee County Company wants to donate security surveillance system

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Flushing, MICH — Companies, schools, and other organizations around the world use camera surveillance systems for security reasons, but they can be costly.

One non-profit agency in Flushing got one as a gift from a Genesee County business.

“This camera actually shows this food pantry area in here and over here where we have our condiments as well. so, we can see when a volunteer is helping somebody or somebody who comes in gets help,” said Terry Bigelow, Director, Flushing Christian Outreach Center.

That camera and a few others, part of a high-definition recorder system, were donated to the center by eos Business Surveillance.

“We’ve seen great success with the solutions we implement. and the area has been great to us so it’s our way to give back to the community,” said Francis Ralabate, Co-Owner, eos Business Surveillance.

“Neighbors help neighbors in this community,” said Bigelow.

The Flushing Christian Outreach Center opened in 2019 and started serving nearly 200 people. With the help of a network of churches and businesses, Bigelow and her staff now attend to the everyday needs of 500-plus people, giving them a reason to smile — and confidence — everything is going to be okay.

The surveillance system donated by eos helps keep an eye on operations.

“The benefit I didn’t see coming is that, we’re in a building of no windows. We just have a door and there’s no site line to see who comes in that front door. so, we can see people pull up in the parking lot and then we can meet their needs,” added Bigelow.

“Just documenting every single person who comes in and comes out, I’d imagine is very beneficial, if there is ever a concern or an issue, being able to go back and see a nice good clean image of each person that comes in and out of here, I think it is definitely a benefit,” said Ralabate.

Now, eos, wants to donate again.

“Certainly, we’d like to have the candidate be a non-profit. We have seen a very strong need in the schools,” explained Ralabate.

Terry knows first-hand how a generous gift has helped her day-to-day operations.

She is so thankful for something the center could have never been able to afford on its own.

“Humble. feel completely humbled to know there’s such incredibly generous people that care about the Flushing neighbors,” said Bigelow.

Ralabate says the company has donated three of its systems to the center and two schools. The outreach program is called The Big Brother Project.

The company wants to donate a fourth system to a school or non-profit.

To be considered, click the link to the application and apply as soon as possible.

We want to know more about the remarkable people who are giving back to their Mid-Michigan communities, so please tell us about those Local Heroes. Send us an email to: [email protected].


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