July 24, 2024

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Security Insights and Emerging Technology: Safeguarding the Future of Banking

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In a constantly changing landscape driven by rapid technological advancements and global shifts, banks (and all financial institutions) are required to swiftly adapt to evolving security challenges. Within this dynamic environment, security technology plays a fundamental role, empowering organizations to proactively tackle emerging risks, navigate security threats and optimize operational efficiency.

As we navigate this journey together, we’ve engaged with many of our leading technology partners across the globe to gather insights on the latest innovations, trends, opportunities and challenges within the electronic security industry. Join us to explore a valuable perspective on AI and Data Analytics, Cloud Technology, Cyber Security and Data Privacy, Emerging Technologies and Sustainability. Don’t miss a chance to see a glimpse into the developments that shape the future of banking security.


Rob Raymond, a global sales executive with more than 25 years of experience in the security industry, specializes in providing comprehensive security solutions for financial and banking institutions. Known for building strong client relationships, he has demonstrated expertise in understanding the unique security needs of financial institutions, developing tailored solutions that address regulatory compliance, risk management and fraud prevention. Raymond has a proven track record of delivering exceptional value to clients with his deep knowledge of the latest security technologies and trends. He strives to provide cutting-edge solutions that protect clients’ assets and ensure the integrity of their operations. Raymond is passionate about advancing the security industry and is committed to helping financial institutions safeguard their operations against emerging threats.

With more than 30 years of experience in the electronic security industry, serving in both sales and operational roles, with Securitas, Diebold, Stanley Convergent Security Solutions and Honeywell, Doug Walsh has gained the experience needed to assess the needs of regional, national and global clients. As a member of the Securitas Global Technology Review Committee and an advisory board member for several of the world’s leading electronic security manufacturers, he has built relationships that help to identify emerging technology trends, new innovations, and evolving technology to introduce value-added client offerings and services.


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