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See when you can see a ‘Cirque Paranormal’ show in Chicagoland in August

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ORLAND PARK, Ill. — A unique show that features a number of interesting acts for audiences is making its return to Chicagoland in August.

Cirque Italia’s “Paranormal Cirque” is making two stops in the area this month, with the first coming in Orland Park from Thursday through Sunday with six performances. It will take place in the parking lot of Orland Square Mall at 288 Orland Square Drive.

From August 17-20, the show will move to Aurora for six more performances in the parking lot at Premium Outlet Mall at 1650 Premium Outlet Blvd.

Tickets are available for the Orland Park and Aurora shows, with no one under the age of 13 being admitted to the show. Those who are 13-17 must be accompanied by an adult.

In 2022, Cirque Italia’s “Water Circus” made visits to Orland Park and Aurora during the summer, but now the organization is bringing a different type of performance to these locations.

“Whenever we find places where people respond to it and they want to come back and they want to see it again, we’ve got to go back and bring them a brand new show with new things they haven’t seen before,” said show general manager and contortionist Ben Holland. “Because if they loved it the other times, they’re going to love it again.”

Naturally, this show takes on a horror theme as the acrobats take to the stage under the big tent for a number of stunts during the two-hour program with an international cast.

“It’s all the things you think of when you normally think of a Circus. We’ve got the acrobatics, the stunts, all the crazy fun, but it’s with a scary, spooky, horror, Halloween-themed twist,” said Holland of the show. “It’s for those people that love their horror movies, they want it to be Halloween all year round, even in July. They just can’t get enough.

“This is the show for people like that. So we have a whole two-hour show full of some of the most amazing artists from all around the world doing crazy tricks with that scary, horror-themed vibe.”

With many of the shows returning from year to year, there is a desire from Holland and others producing the show to continue to improve. Sometimes there can even be variations between individual performances in order to get the performance right fo new or returning artists.

“It’s always changing,” said Holland. “If we do one in the afternoon and then one in the evening, it’s not even the same show then because it’s always changing, things are always getting better because I think that’s the thing – we always want to make the best show that we possibly can for the people, becuase that’s what they deserve.

“They come out, they’re lending us their time, they’re lending us their evenings. So we want to give them something worth seeing. So constantly, all the time, we’re making it better on a year-to-year basis.”

Larry Hawley has more with Holland on the “Paranormal Cirque” visit to the Chicagoland area from WGN News Now in the video above.


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