October 3, 2023

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Redefining Vigilance

Technology allows Milwaukee police to access cameras in real time

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Security cameras on a building at the intersection of E. Buffalo Street & N. Milwaukee Street at Performance Running Outfitters in Milwaukee's Third Ward.

Milwaukee police announced Thursday it began using a new technology that can give the department real-time access to privately owned security cameras — as long as the cameras’ owners allow it.

Police, along with Mayor Cavalier Johnson, said at a press conference the technology will allow a department that has shrunk in staffing to cut down on the labor-intensive effort to collect video footage after crimes occur — and may deter other incidents from happening at all.

“It’s voluntary. This is not something the Police Department is forcing on anyone,” Chief Jeffrey Norman said. “We’re not putting cameras out there.

“We are partners with our community. We’re working with our public in a collaborative way.”


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