December 9, 2023

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Upgrade Home Security on Prime Big Deal Days with Reolink’s Surveillance Innovations

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WILMINGTON, Del., Oct. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Whether for upgrading home security gear or simply getting a head start on surveillance equipment, this fall Prime Day sale couldn’t have been a better time. Reolink, a renowned home security products provider, is showing its appreciation to loyal customers by offering early deals on its high-definition and dual-lens cameras.

Discover Reolink's up to 30% discounts on dual-lens cameras, 12MP UHD cameras, video doorbells, security systems, and more.

Discover Reolink’s up to 30% discounts on dual-lens cameras, 12MP UHD cameras, video doorbells, security systems, and more.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there – prepare for even greater savings with discounts soaring up to a jaw-dropping 30% over the next two days (Oct. 10th to 11th).

Get A Sneak Peek at Reolink’s Offerings on Prime Big Deal Days

No more waiting – come and dive into the dazzling details of these superstar products that are about to steal the show in this sensational savings extravaganza.

4MP Auto-Tracking Solar-Powered Security Camera: TrackMix+Reolink Solar Panel (Save $70)
For all tech enthusiasts craving dual-lens magic, behold the TrackMix! It captures both the full view and the close-up simultaneously, presenting two views on the same screen. When a motion event is detected, users can witness the entire motion process and zoom in on the person/object, thanks to this PT camera’s automatic tracking and zooming features.

Equipped with Reolink 6W solar panel, TrackMix gets a non-stop power supply and guarantees round-the-clock surveillance. Rain or shine, this camera is up for the task. Its rugged, waterproof design ensures a remarkable 356 days of unwavering protection, making it the ideal choice for both homes and businesses.

12MP Ultra-High-Definition PoE Security Camera: RLC-1212A (25% Discount)
Reolink has raised the bar with its 12MP UHD cameras – they’re the future of security! For customers, investing in a 12MP security camera today ensures a certain level of future-proofing. Opting for higher resolution now is a smart move that eliminates the need for immediate upgrades.

With a stunning 12-megapixel count translating to an impressive 4512×2512 pixels, RLC-1212A delivers stunningly detailed and sharp image quality, facilitating smart detection of people, vehicles, and pets. Boasting the 700-lumen spotlight, this 12MP camera pierces through the darkness, capturing nighttime details in vibrant colors and crisp clarity.

2K+ Dual-Band WiFi Doorbell with Chime: Video Doorbell WiFi (27% Deal)
Meet the home’s new guardian – Reolink Video Doorbell WiFi! Mounted on or near the front door, Reolink Video Doorbell WiFi can capture footage of activities around the doorstep and promptly alert property owners when a person is detected, ignoring trivial non-human passers-by, providing homeowners with more peace of mind.

With a 180° diagonal monitoring range, it captures additional surrounding details for a more comprehensive view. The doorbell comes equipped with built-in mics and a speaker, allowing homeowners to greet visitors before rushing to the door or deter unwanted intruders with no delay.

4K Security System with Person/Vehicle Detection: RLK8-800D4 (33.75% Price Cut)
This is where security meets simplicity! This feature-packed security system includes 4pcs PoE cameras and an 8-channel 2TB HDD NVR, offering a comprehensive surveillance solution that caters to most requirements. Setting up this PoE system is a breeze with a single network cable, making it beginner-friendly and perfect for DIY camera enthusiasts.

The cameras contained deliver 4 times the clarity of 1080p, guaranteeing a crystal-clear view of surroundings. What’s even smarter is that when person/vehicle movements are detected, the cameras send alerts to you instantly. For more convenience, all recordings are securely stored on the pre-installed 2TB HDD, ready for playback.

For more information about Reolink Prime Big Deal Days and its offerings, please visit Reolink Amazon Official Store.

About Reolink
Reolink, a global innovator in the smart home field, is dedicated to delivering convenient and reliable security solutions for homes and businesses. Reolink aims to deliver a seamless security experience for customers with its comprehensive product lineup. Reolink provides video surveillance and a scene of protection for millions of homes, families, and stores.

Reolink, a Smart Home Security Solution Provider

Reolink, a Smart Home Security Solution Provider



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