November 28, 2023

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Using technology to boost safety and security in Latam fleet

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Keeping your fleet drivers safe and sound and your operations free from vehicle and cargo theft can be achieved through the implementation of cutting-edge technology, according to some of the expert speakers slated to talk at the upcoming Fleet LatAm Conference in Mexico City.

One way to enhance fleet management safety and security in Latin America is to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) with telematics, and this means providing real-time insights, predictive analytics, and actionable data, according to Juan Cardona (pictured left) who is AVP of sales in Latin America for telematics and connected fleet solutions provider Geotab.

Besides optimizing driver behavior through driver training and coaching and maximizing predictive maintenance schedules and route planning, AI solutions such as those offered by Geotab can benefit fleets by optimizing fuel efficiency, geo-fencing, theft prevention, emergency response, compliance monitoring, incident analysis, scalability, customization, as well as data privacy and security,” Mr. Cardona told Fleet LatAm.

And remember that road safety is a long-standing priority not only for fleets but for society as a whole, and it is something that should be looked at holistically, according to Octo Telematics CEO Nicola Veratelli (pictured right).  

“Fleet companies are impacted by safety issues from different perspectives every day, among them being duty of care, total cost of ownership, delivery time, and service quality, so safety is something that should also be stated in Sustainability Development Goals,” Mr. Veratelli told Fleet LatAm.

As for Octo Telematics, it addresses fleet needs with a proved experience in telematics, offering solutions such as crash detection to provide timely assistance on the road, predictive eco-risk scoring based on driving behaviour for self-awareness, and remote monitoring of vehicles’ status to prevent dangerous failures, added the executive. 

Remember that by taking a holistic view, fleet managers can consider safety as something beyond road crashes, also reducing pollution and congestion in their operations to achieve more sustainable mobility.

Fleet Managers, make sure to keep your drivers in tip top shape. Driver fatigue, according to a study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), is a factor in 13% of truck accidents and 36% of truck accidents were due to driver fault.

One way to deal with this by using innovative technologies such as telematics, according to Miguel Alejandro Pedroza Barra (pictured left) who is business development manager for the GPS tracking and IOT platform Wialon of software solution developer and provider Gurtam.

In Latin America, the adoption of telematics in fleet management has doubled in the last decade and it is crucial for market players to continue pushing this adoption by disseminating information and raising awareness. 

“Through this, we can expand our coverage and benefits for our customers and ultimately contribute to safer roads and more efficient fleet management,” said Mr. Barra, highlighting the importance of video telematics. 

With tools such as video modules, fleet managers can obtain valuable data from fleet related incidents, and then develop contingency plans. And with video fleet management software such as Wialon, they can access live feeds from vehicles and monitor their drivers in real time to ensure they are fully alert. 

For instance, in-cab cameras can be used to ensure drivers are not distracted, carrying unauthorized personnel, smoking, texting or showing signs of fatigue, said the executive.

Putting together a safety fleet strategy also entails reducing vehicle theft in your fleet, a huge problem in many Latin American fleets owing to the large demand for stolen vehicles and parts coupled with subpar law enforcement in many cities, according to Alfredo Krueger who is Calamp VP Latam and Lojack Mexico Managing Director (pictured right).

“Among the ways to combat this is by implementing engine stop features, hardware and software for driver behavior and crash management, having a comprehensive vehicle platform with valuable real time data 24×7, offering training courses, and having vehicle and cargo recovery solutions,” Mr. Krueger told Fleet LatAm.
Despite this, thefts will occur from time to time. However, if you proactively tackle this issue with confidence, you will be able to make a difference in terms of recovery rates and yield significant savings, especially regarding insurance costs, said the executive.

For more insight on the most important fleet and mobility issues in Latin America, visit Mexico City from 25-26 September for the 2023 Fleet LatAm Conference where speakers like these will be giving you tips on how to achieve winning strategies for safe and sustainable fleet success.


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